League Play


2019 League Playoffs

2019 Tuesday League Playoffs

All teams are in the playoffs.  The first week the top 16 seeded teams will have a bye.  If you have a bye and want to play let us know in the golf shop and we will assign a starting hole for you.  For the 3rd week if you are eliminated you can play but you MUST call and reserve a tee time. Please do not just show up.


We will adjust the handicaps after each round.


Subs are allowed, but they must have played in the league this year.


We will post the pairings and bracket as well as e-mail them each week.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us in the golf shop


Attention Gentlemen,

We are pleased to announce the start of the 2019 Tuesday Night League! The League will play Tuesday Nights starting at 4:30 PM – 9 Holes. Our Kickoff night will be a Practice/Handicap round on Tuesday April 23rd and will be a Shotgun start at 4:30PM. Following that will be another practice round on Tuesday April 30th leading in to our official league start Tuesday May 7. The regular season will run from May 7 – August 20, with playoffs running August 27 – September 24. There is a 48 Team Max – 2 divisions, 3 flights in each division, 8 teams per flight.

For anyone who has not paid the $40.00 registration fee ($80 per team),  please do so when you come for the opening night. The price each week will be $30 for non-members and $10 for members.


Each 2 person team will play a better ball match against another 2 person team. Each match will be worth a total of 12 points, 1 point per hole and 3 bonus points for the winning team. In the event of a tie, each team will be awarded 6 points each. If a team does not show, they will forfeit and the team that has shown up will play the course to earn points.

Handicaps will be updated every week through a rolling system. A player will only receive 80% of their handicap. All scores will be accounted into the handicap. An equitable stroke control system will also be in effect this season. There is a double bogey maximum on every hole.


Each hole is worth 1 point, if a hole is halved, each team receives ½ point. The winning team will be awarded 3 bonus points for the victory, making the total amount of available points per match 12. If a match is tied, the 3 bonus points will be split, 1.5 points to each team.


The schedule will be set for the entire season. If you are not here when the group starts, the others in the group will be started and you will need to catch up to them. If a whole team is running late, you will forfeit the holes that you have missed. Players are only allowed to start a hole from the teeing ground; you may not drop a ball and play in from your partners shot. Pace-of-Play will be watched rigorously this season. Rangers will be on each 9 and they will assess penalties to slow groups. All groups are expected to finish their matches in 2 hours and 20 minutes or less.

Call Chris Grossbach, Head Golf Professional at 215-343-0350 ext. 102 if you have any questions about the format or rules.

The Link below, is  the webpage for the Tuesday Night League. It is also available under the league section of The Bucks Club’s website. It will have the pairings and schedule for the season, as well as the weekly match results, and standings. To visit the website go to:

We are excited for another good year and look forward to seeing you all soon

Also, if you have an interest in playing in The Bucks Club Gap Team Matches, Home or Away, Please let me know. The matches are scheduled for April 14, 28 and May 5th. We are playing Old York Road, Doylestown CC, and Makefield Highlands.

Chris Grossbach,

Head Golf Professional